About Us

Xtinction Sauces was initially formed to introduce the Rocky Mountains to the world of "super-hot" chile products. In 2011 we introduced our first product, our Original Xtinction Sauce with Ghost Pepper. Little did we know what an impact this product would have. It has quickly become known by chile lovers and chile newbies as one of the premier "super-hot" sauces available.

Our original Xtinction Sauce is a blend of the Ghost Pepper (Naga Bhut Jolokia) and Red Habaneros. We hand blend these peppers with garlic, spices, and a hint of honey to form what one Facebook friend has called "the best REAL HOT sauce I've ever had." Although it is definitely hot enough for true chileheads, we believe we have found a good balance that allows the novice chilehead an introduction into the world of "super-hot" chile products.

Our company is family owned, and is located in Littleton, Colorado. The Xtinction Sauce brand is the second brand launched by Golden Toad, Inc. Our original products can be found at GoldenToad.com. All of our products are single batch, hand crafted, and use only the freshest ingredients. We believe that the attention we put into each small batch is reflected in every single bottle.

Shop around and please try our products. We look forward to your feedback.


Todd and Sara Jilbert





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